I am a Clinical Transactional Analyst, CTA, PTSTA with a psychotherapy speciality, Embodied psychotherapist, Clinical supervisor and Trainer. I am based in the south-west of England.

Clinical Supervision

I offer individual clinical supervision to practitioners at various levels of experience. This includes clinical supervision for TA trainees, those in exam preparation and experienced qualified practitioners. English speaking trainees are welcome wherever you are in the world.

Experience: I have been a private practitioner since 1993 and have provided psychotherapy and clinical supervision, from 1994 to the present time. I am course tutor and trainer to counselling and psychotherapy trainees and have been since 1994.  I also train psychotherapy students in Turkey.

My supervision contracts are focused on synthesising knowledge, insight, experience and technique. My methodology is based around the exploration of the relevance of here and now phenomena and how this relates to script dynamics.

The supervisory relationship we evolve between us is used to encourage the development of awareness of both psychological and embodied processes. We explore the relevance to your clients, yourself and your practice.

I aim to provide an environment which helps each supervisee to be unafraid to reveal the difficulties they face during the course of their work with clients. These difficulties are commonly related to resourcing and theoretical gaps, ethical and professional practice issues and unconscious processes.

I equally aim to acknowledge and celebrate each persons’ competency and creativity, pleasure and success.

Supervision may be face to face or via VSee on the internet. 

Fee for 1 hour of clinical supervision is £60.

For more information please contact me

Group Supervision

I offer monthly group supervision to people who are in training. These groups are aimed at providing live supervision related to client work and will be linked in with TA theoretical concepts.

For those who are preparing for professional accreditation I also offer group supervision on a monthly basis. The format is client casework focusing on preparing case study material and the writing of dissertations.

For people who are at least five-years post qualification finding group supervision which focuses on issues such as transference, counter transference and personal development can be difficult. The advanced supervision group provides a space for in-depth reflection and group dynamics to enhance professional practice.

Fee for two 1/2 hour group supervision is £60.

For more information please contact me.