I am a Certified Transactional Analyst with experience of practicing clinical psychotherapy for over 20 years. I have been engaged in the teaching of T.A and running personal development and therapy groups for many years, both in this country and internationally.

I organise a number of Embodied Psychotherapy events throughout the year.

I am a P.T.S.T.A Integrative clinical supervisor, counsellor and more recently, I am training as an embodied psychotherapy practitioner. My evolving and developing interest lies in the field of group training and psychotherapy, focusing on the relationally embodied interplay between our minds and bodies which finds its expression in the transference and counter transference.
Tutor to T.A. courses currently running:-
Tutor to T.A.202 courses in Europe.
TA 101 in Devon.

A selection of comments left for Judy Shaw after our latest workshop:

“A warmth that is so unique in training courses. It has felt a welcoming and supportive environment to support our learnings.”

“Very lovely nourishing space … and very great food! Thank you.”

“A welcoming and beautiful learning environment with good positive energy.”

“Abundance of welcome and provisions as usual.”

“Very good venue, comfortable and warm. The food was second to none. I have a feeling of being well nourished and welcomed. Would always suggest to any interested others Judy’s workshop.”

“Your space is very comfortable; I love this venue.”