A training and in-depth supervision weekend with Morit Heitzler taking place on the weekend of March 9th – 10th 2019 at a cost of £220.

This next event in our series with Morit is CPD that includes both training and in-depth supervision. The depth of this weekend training is a key benefit as is the opportunity to be part of an ongoing group making connections and offering continuity from one workshop to the next. You can receive trauma-related teaching and supervision input whilst also learning from other participants’ experience relevant to the themes and issues emerging during the two days. Each day will be a mixture of CPD somatic trauma training, clinical supervision of actual cases presented by participants, as well as some role play of case vignettes.

Please see the workshop flyer here for more information.

Please contact Clare Brook in the first instance at clare_brook@yahoo.co.uk to book on to the workshop. If you have any content enquiries then please contact Judy Shaw at judyshawuk@icloud.com.

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