New courses

Following on from the success of our previous workshops with Morit Heitzler we are delighted that Morit will be returning to East Devon to deliver the next in our series of CPD events on July 20th and 21st 2019. This will be entitled “Grounded Steps in the Minefield – Embodied Trauma Therapy”. Please see our Events page under the month of July for more information.

Morit has been teaching Integrative Body Psychotherapy and trauma work for the past 20 years.

She brings 30 years of experience of clinical practise to her teaching and draws upon approaches including Somatic Trauma Therapy, EMDR, Biodynamic Massage, Sensorimotor Therapy and a Systemic approach to Family Constellations and Transgenerational Trauma.

Her integrative approach combines knowledge and experience gained at the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy, Metanoia Integrative Psychotherapy MSc, the Maudsley Hospital and the Oxford Stress & Trauma Centre as well as Far Eastern Complementary medicine.

We are pleased to be able to offer this CPD event to counsellors and therapists seeking to take the next step beyond basic trauma therapy by integrating diverse approaches, and bringing an embodied and relational perspective to trauma work.

A selection of comments left after the┬álatest New Growth workshop – An Embodied Integration of Trauma Therapy Approaches with Morit Heitzler;

“A warmth that is so unique in training courses. It has felt a welcoming and supportive environment to support our learnings.”

“Very lovely nourishing space … and very great food! Thank you.”

“A welcoming and beautiful learning environment with good positive energy.”

“Abundance of welcome and provisions as usual.”

“Very good venue, comfortable and warm. The food was second to none. I have a feeling of being well nourished and welcomed. Would always suggest to any interested others Judy’s workshop.”

“Your space is very comfortable; I love this venue.”