We are still inviting bookings for Michael Soth’s skills workshop which will take place in East Devon on 23rd and 24th June 2018. This experiential-theoretical workshop is entitled “Relational Modalities in the Context of Attachment & Character Structure Theory”. It will address how to ground different therapeutic approaches to habitual patterns of relating in bodymind processes.
This weekend is dedicated to clarifying the differences, contradictions and overlaps between the various traditional languages and models, by attending to their fundamental ideas as bodymind processes. Although theoretical principles will be involved, we will stick to the basic ideas rather than go into abstract or historical detail – the overall aim of the weekend is to keep it practical and applicable. The learning objectives will be to compare and contrast:
  • attachment theory (Bowlby, Ainsworth, Holmes)
  • character structure theory (Reich, Lowen, Kurtz & Johnson)
  • intersubjectivity (Atwood & Stolorow, Orange)
  • psychoanalytic developmental theory (including Kleinian and object relations
We will attempt to ground the key notions of these theories in embodied, experience-near terms. And we will explore how these different ideas both help and hinder us in apprehending the fullness and systemic wholeness of the relational dynamic between client and therapist. 

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