Ongoing CPD Events

I provide embodied psychotherapy CPD opportunities throughout the year by organising various workshops in the south-west. The workshops are designed for body psychotherapists and other practitioners interested in embodied relationship. They will include discussion, experiential work, and supervision.

If you would like further information about any of our workshops then please contact Clare Brook at Alternatively follow this link to the online booking form.

Event Information:

  • Sat

    Helping the Helper - Some "Do's" and "Don'ts" in Trauma Work

    10am - 5pmTiverton, Devon
    The experienced therapist, supervisor and trainer Morit Heitzler will be delivering a practical workshop with each day planned as a mixture of CPD somatic trauma training, clinical supervision of actual cases presented by participants, as well as some role play of case vignettes. Morit will review some methods and techniques that can be used as a foundation for working with trauma and PTSD. The aim is to expand the tool-box of therapists and support them in their work with various degrees of trauma presentation.
    Working with traumatised clients can be challenging and at times overwhelming. Often therapists are familiar with some of the theories that underpin trauma and its manifestation but feel under-resourced when it comes to the actual work that needs to be done in order to enable the traumatised system to undo layers of defences and patterns of internal and external relating.
    Where do we start? What would be re-traumatising? How do we know when to stop a client re-telling their trauma story and when to encourage it? What do we do when we feel overwhelmed, depleted or confused?
    Morit's emphasis will be on practical methods and tools. Some theory will be shared as a way of making these tools more accessible. The workshop is suitable for therapists who work with trauma, no previous experience is required.
    Please see the flyer for all details and some testimonials from previous participants of Morit's workshops. Contact for booking information.

A selection of comments left for Judy Shaw after our latest workshop:

“A warmth that is so unique in training courses. It has felt a welcoming and supportive environment to support our learnings.”

“Very lovely nourishing space … and very great food! Thank you.”

“A welcoming and beautiful learning environment with good positive energy.”

“Abundance of welcome and provisions as usual.”

“Very good venue, comfortable and warm. The food was second to none. I have a feeling of being well nourished and welcomed. Would always suggest to any interested others Judy’s workshop.”

“Your space is very comfortable; I love this venue.”